Studies agree that 90% of essential driving-related information is acquired visually.  Your driving performance is clearly linked to optimal visual performance.

Factors such as static & dynamic visual acuity, glare recovery, and horizontal field of view are predictive of your ability to meet the demanding perceptual-motor task of driving, particularly while operating a performance automobile.

As an auto-enthusiast, you care about your automobile’s aesthetics, and likely your own.  Your eyewear functions with the dual purpose of allowing you to see & be seen in the best light possible.

It is confounding why some people will spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their car’s audio sound perception, yet wear a sub-$100 pair of sunglasses that introduce distortion and optical aberrations.  It is far more important to maximize the visual perception and processing of what is happening outside the windshield than inside the car.

MotorOptics is dedicated to delivering you curated optical instruments which enhance the driver’s perception, comfort, & visual clarity so that you can operate your vehicle under the safest and most optimal conditions possible.  In addition, the expertly selected collections are designed to maximize your style while behind the wheel, at the track, on the Concours field, or hanging out at a Cars & Coffee event.

Car + Enthusiast + Eyewear

See and Be Seen.