is the fusion of two life-long passions of a car-enthusiast eye doctor.  Dr. Joe is a 3rd generation optometrist in his family. While a teenager he worked in his father’s boutique optical as an ophthalmic lens technician & frame-stylist. Retailing luxury eyewear collections such as Cartier, Matsuda, and Giorgio Armani to discerning clientele, he quickly gained an appreciation for the fine quality craftsmanship & transforming power of image-enhancing eyewear.  

It is rumored that the first word he ever uttered was “car.” Automobiles of all types have resonated as a passion within in Dr. Joe as far back as he can remember.  His fascination with sports cars has been a common thread throughout his life. 

For over 20 years he owned and operated Central Virginia’s largest group of optometry clinics and optical boutiques. Having sold the practices, he contemplated how he could blend his love of the auto-enthusiast lifestyle and fine eyewear. Hence, MotorOptics was born to be a “one-stop” location for car-enthusiasts of all types to find the finest auto-related eyewear and optics for maximizing the gift of sight whether driving for sport or pleasure.